Development of UK Mortars

Major Darren Szymanski, Chief Instructor, Mortar Division, British Army

 US Army Product Manager Precision Fires and Mortars Overview

Lieutenant Colonel Pat Farrell, Product Manager Precision Fires and Mortars, Program Executive Officer Ammunition, US Army

Mortar Futures Concepts for the Maneuver Brigade Combat Teams (BCTs)

Alexander Wright, Mortar Team Chief, Lethality Branch, US Army Maneuver Center of Excellence.


Mr. Olli Dahl, Military Specialist, Patria Land Systems

Experience in the use of Mortars in Eastern Ukraine

Major Petro Koliennikov, Senior Lecturer, Department of Artillery & Rocket Forces, Ukrainian Land Forces

The Swiss 120mm Mortar Program

Captain Lars Kristian Lehmann, head of introduction mortar 16, Swiss Armed Forces

Hirtenberger Defence Systems  – THE MORTAR COMPANY  

Ing. Roland Pittracher MBA, Head of Marketing and Business Development, Hirtenberger Defence Systems

Czech Mortars – present & plans for new 120mm weapons

LtCol Martin ŠUFAJZL, project manager / artillery & mortars, Ministry of Defence, Czech Republic

THOR, a new fragmentation technology.

Christian Herren, Director R&D, Saab Boofors Dynamics Switzerland Ltd

The Danish 120mm project – CARDOM 10

Major Mike Johnsson, Head of Mortar Element/S7/1 Danish Artillery Battalion

The development of Italian Mortars

Lt Col Livio Cavallaro, Chief of Fire Support Weapon Training Department, Infantry School, Italian Army

Indirect Fire in the Infantry: Current Tasks and Future Development

Capt Felix Jüllig, Deputy Team Leader, Heavy Infantry Development Team, Army Concepts and Capabilities Development Centre, German Army