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As part of the community, DSET’s goal is to enable Simulation, Education & Training with positive action.
It is known that we are losing talent from our teams because students and trainees in our area leave upon graduation. We are losing those skills vital for our future and the customers future.
We have an aging and homogenous workforce that cannot make the most of the talent of opportunities that diversification and youth can bring.

What the DSET Internship Initiative can offer you

  • Supported Internships within Government and Industry. By supported we mean either paid or with expenses support (eg: the provision of accommodation and travel expenses).


  • The capture of current and past Intern information – contact details and experience.


  • Provide a DSET Intern Sponsorship for Interns to attend and have their accommodation expenses covered as a minimum.


  • Enable a pool of Interns that can be engaged by employers during holidays for employment on short-term contracts.


  • Engage Academia to promote Simulation & Training as a professional field with career potential.

The Initial Actions

DSET Intern Sponsorships


Industry and Organisations may sponsor Interns for just £950 per place for 2024. Sponsors will get to meet their Interns at the Conference each year and have their details passed to those Interns. You’ll also be supporting the future of our community.

Access the DSET Intern Programme by registering your interest below

 Students and Graduates


Interns and Students

Would you like to participate? Complete the short survey below. Contact details will NOT be shared directly with employers. Opportunities will become available for you to browse. In the future (after consultation with you) we may make this searchable for Employers by skills and availability.

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Employers and Organisations


Employers and Organisations

If you are an Employer or Organisation that would like to participate and advertise opportunities please complete the short survey below.
Your opportunities will be able to be uploaded in the future for Interns to apply for.

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Academia and Universities



The DSET team are available to come and talk with students about the opportunities of MS&T. We can also help to raise the profile of your insitution, students and courses to Industry and Organisations.
If you are interested in participating please complete.

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