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For all other enquiries, contact us for a bespoke package.

Virtual Booth Only
  • Bronze level Virtual Booth (see details above) – with virtual event passes only.
  • Video showreel of 15 seconds – shown at venue & virtual platform.

£550.00 +VAT


Registration and Badge Sponsor
  • Logo on registration system web page. Logo on badges .
  • 1 pop-up banner – 1m wide at badge collect ion (provided by organisers) .
    Delegate passes included: 1 live pass.

£ 7,500.00 + V A T


Media Brunch Sponsor
  • 3 weeks before event 10:30- 13:00 UK time.
  • Branding in room and virtual platform room.
  • Opportunity to brief media. Small stand in room.

£ 4,650.00 + VAT


Coffee Sponsor
  • Sponsorship of all coffee breaks supplied by veteran owned coffee company.
  • Branding across DSET website, at venue (with coffee) and in DSET programme.
  • Announcement of thanks in venue.
  • Branding of sponsor + coffee company on each coffee station.

£ 5,000.00 + VAT

Lunch Sponsor
  • Per day (Tues /Wed /Thurs) Sponsor video played at lunchtime on large venue screens .
  • Branding on conference tables for the whole day.
  • Announcement of thanks in venue.
  • Branding on DSET website and DSET Virtual Platform.

£ 4,250.00 + VAT


Lanyard Sponsor
  • Repeating logo alternately with DSET logo for all delegates at live event.
  • Delegate passes included: 1 live pass.
£ 4,250.00 + VAT
Bag Sponsor
  • Logo on all bags handed out to delegates at live event.
  • Delegate passes included: 1 live pass.

£ 4,250.00 + VAT


Thermos Mug Sponsor
  • Mugs branded with DSET + sponsor logo reception handout with event guide.

£ 5,250.00 + VAT


Event Guide Sponsor
  • Feature on back of glossy event guide given to every in-person attendee.

£ 1,250.00 + VAT

Event Guide Advert
  • Full page advert inside event Guide given to every in-person attendee.
  • 4 available.

£ 850.00 + VAT


Communications Sponsor
  • News letter branding & product feature banner provided by company. Price inc. 10 no. newsletters.

£ 4,250.00 + VAT


Reception Sponsor
  • Large Pop up behind reception + welcome sign – supplied by Organisers.

£ 3,000.00 + VAT


Workshop Sponsor
  • Display multiple branding/logo in workshop and across Virtual platform for Workshop day.
  • Thank you announcement live on workshop day – live and virtual.
  • Opportunity to speak.
  • Delegate passes included: 1 live pass.

£ 4,250.00 + VAT


Charging Station Sponsor
  • Add-on only. Logo displayed at approx 3 no. Mobile Phone Charging Stations within the venue.

£ 850.00 + VAT

Individual DSET Intern Sponsor
  • Enables a DSET Intern to attend and be accommodated at the live show. Branding on DSET Intern website.

£ 850.00 + VAT


Individual Veteran Sponsor
  • Enables a DSET Intern to attend and be accommodated at the live show. Branding on DSET Intern website.

£ 850.00 + VAT

Defence Women's Action Board
  • GOLD (includes DSET Silver package)  £ 12,950.00 + VAT
  • SILVER (includes DSET Bronze package)  £ 7,500.00 + VAT
  • BRONZE (includes display of pop-up banner)  £ 4,675.00 + VAT
  • SOCIAL EVENING  £ 1,450.00 + VAT


"We have worked with the DSET team for a number of years, creating many successful projects together – which have benefitted not only our students but the local and national businesses that we have partnered with. As an example, our collaboration with the Royal Navy and Novatech to create a RIB simulator was so successful that, following it’s showing at DSET the Royal Navy awarded a £500,000 contract to Novatech to make 15 more of these simulators – and they are now used across the UK for VR Training simulation. There are many other examples, which show the real world power of the projects created and supported through DSET. DSET has also proved to be a key supporter of inclusivity, helping to promote women and other under-represented groups in this area and helping to pull the sector in to a diverse modern world through its work in this area. "

Portsmouth University

"The RSA has gained enormously from DSET not least that, through collaboration, we have for the last year employed a simulation Intern (I think the first military establishment to do so) to support us in the delivery of our emerging training capabilities. She has proved herself as a ‘combat multiplier’ – what she has been able to do would have taken a military person significantly longer and at a far greater cost."

Royal School of Artillery, UK

"We have considerable experience of working with and attending military S&T events across the world. We can therefore confirm that with DSET’s leadership and culture that it is uniquely placed in the UK to support and deliver greater diversity and inclusion in a community with well publicised shortfalls in this regard. We are confident that Ruddy Nice will actively promote diversity and participation in the S&T community, for the military and wider industry and academia. DSET has already made significant strides with demonstrable improvements in diversity and inclusion but there is still some distance to go and resources and commitment are required to sustain this effort. Another unique aspect of DSET is that its agenda is developed collaboratively and a genuine community spirit has been developed and grown. It also looks beyond defence to bring in fresh ideas from other sectors including video gaming and blue light services. "

Andy Smith, President, Halldale Media

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