Wargaming Experimentation 

Fight Club International believes that wargaming has vast potential benefits for defence through education, training, analysis and decision making which are not being fully exploited.

We (Fight Club community) do not have time to wait for established organisations, institutions and hierarchies to close the gap themselves. In many respects, we are behind industry with gaming developments and we must quickly adapt to integrate existing technology and methods into government use.

Think. Fight. Learn. Repeat.

“After running Fight Nights in my regiment, our leaders were able to competitively fight each other and learn much more from repetitive gaming against a free-thinking enemy. There were considerable knowledge gaps identified and we learned much faster through this experience than traditional methods. It was truly revolutionary.” —Infantry Captain in the Mercians

How DSET aided UK Fight Club’s Exponential Growth

DSET is a vital event every year that brings a diverse group together to examine the latest in defence simulation technology and techniques. This year we look forward to showcasing our Fight Club methods and gaming techniques. We also look forward to learning from everyone else to inform future Fight Club activity.

It is a privilege to work closely with DSET because of the collision of networks, sparking more collaborative innovations and future cooperation. It is the power of the network that truly advanced the Fight Club mission across multiple countries. This power is magnified at events like DSET


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