Meet DSET 2022 Official Tech Sponsor Bohemia Interactive Simulations

Meet DSET 2022 Official Tech Sponsor Bohemia Interactive Simulations

Bohemia Interactive Simulations

Why Bohemia Interactive Simulations chooses to support DSET

We, at Bohemia Interactive Simulations  (BISim), have exhibited and sponsored the Defence, Simulation, Education and Training (DSET) conference and community since its inception. We have always had the highest quality of engagement and it’s an easy decision to repeat that experience and support every year. We are put in front of the very community that we serve. We find that at DSET, Military users, government procurement, industry partners and academic researchers all have the same ethos of answering current and future challenges, sharing experiences, knowledge and expertise. 

DSET is much more than a business conference, it’s where we go to have longer and deeper conversations with our key stakeholders.

With a hybrid delivery, DSET aligns exactly with our own ethos of EASIER. FASTER. GLOBAL. Our mission is to harness the explosive potential of technology to revolutionize training and simulation, around the world.

VRLT2 - Bohemia

BISim’s product portfolio enables users to create, simulate and visualize realistic multi-domain, battlespace training scenarios to help enhance warfighter readiness. From desktop simulation and image generation to terrain development and editing to cutting-edge AI and XR, we offer a comprehensive portfolio for your simulation and training needs. See the full range of products here

VRLT2 - Bohemia
VRLT2 - Bohemia

About BISim

Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) uses advanced technology and a large, experienced in-house team of engineers to develop high-fidelity, cost-effective training and simulation software products and components for defense applications.

BISim not only delivers a wide range of products, but also provides valuable training and support through the Customer Portal, where you can get access to:

  • Live Webinars
  • Training courses
  • Product/User guides & manuals 
  • Professional services

We are excited to be at the DSET this year and would be delighted to discuss opportunities of enhancing warfighter readiness for your organization. See you there!

To find out more about Bohemia Interactive Simulations visit

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ETSA – A DSET Partner

ETSA – A DSET Partner

European Training and Simulation Association 

ETSA is a not-for-profit members association which provides a non-partisan environment for Networking with Government bodies, academia, end-users, and training solution providers. Our aim is to facilitate and support Events, collaboration and information exchange with individuals involved in Education, Modelling, Training or Simulation across Europe.  


Whilst ETSA is partnered with many of the leading Modelling, Simulation and Training (MS&T) news-media and event providers across the World, our non-partisan approach means we can embrace and support the widest possible breath and diversity of membership across all Civilian and Military training domains. 


ETSA actively promotes its members products and interests. We support and organise webinars, events, and other interest group activities. Our members portal provides a unique place for ETSA members to connect online, post blogs and access interesting discussions and informative information relating solely to our industry and members MS&T interests. 

ETSA provides a weekly newsfeed and monthly newsletter which helps keep its members up to date with the very latest information and developments in MS&T technology. 

Individual and Organisational Membership is open to anyone involved with or who has an active interest in MS&T within Europe. Membership is free to Government bodies, members of the armed forces, academia and first responders.  

Image credit – Thales

ETSA’s work 

“As a micro-SME in an industry flooded with large corporations, associations can play a key role.  The European Training & Simulation Association have provided a platform for Cobra Simulation to network and distribute content that would typically require a marketing team and large budgets. For Cobra this has been an extremely valuable asset over the years. We look forward to seeing the organisation continue its growth.” 

Alexander Bradley, Managing Director, Cobra Simulation 

Why ETSA is partnering with DSET 

As one of the premiere Defence Simulation and Training (S&T) events this year, ETSA is proud to be partnering with the Ruddy Nice team on their DSET 2022 exhibition and conferences. We are delighted to be helping them bring together S&T Industries, Academia and key Armed forces leaders, and support raising awareness of the current and future defence training technologies trends, as well as sharing the latest news, opportunities and promoting networking amongst leading Defence S&T professionals. 

For nearly two years ETSA’s networking activities has been severely constrained by the Covid-19 pandemic. For DSET 2022 we are looking forward to meeting our members, strategic partners, and new faces to the Defence

Ian Mccrudden – ETSA Chief Executive Officer  

If you are interested in the benefits of becoming an ETSA member get in touch by emailing 

Find out more about ETSA here 

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The Antarctic Fire Angels Expedition

The Antarctic Fire Angels Expedition

The AFA Expedition 

The AFA are an all-female team of five: Georgina Gilbert, Rebecca Rowe, Nikki Upton, Emily Butler and Rebecca Hinchley.

They are training to ski coast-to-coast across Antarctica in November 2023 with the specific agenda to empower women and tackle the stigma around mental health.

The ‘Antarctic Fire Angels’ is a team of 5 female firefighters based out of London, South Wales and Derbyshire. In November 2023 we will be setting out on a 1,900km expedition to cross Antarctica via the South Pole.

The Fire Angels’ Mission and Goals

We have a three-part aim to the expedition; 

Firstly, as firefighters, we are often portrayed as strong individuals who are resistant to tragedy, able to cope and continue at any cost. This isn’t true. We want to tackle the stigma around mental health, not just amongst emergency service workers, but everyone who has these assumptions. We aim to do this by talking about our own battles with mental health to show that it’s ok to not be ok.

Secondly, we want to challenge the gender stereotypes that are placed upon us all. Stereotyping is something we all see every day; its the reason behind the stigma attached to a man being a midwife, and it’s the reason women aren’t aware of their capabilities.

We want to prove what women are capable of and eradicate gender stereotypes that can stop young women from entering male dominated industries. We aim to do this by being the women we all needed when we were growing up – the ones who challenge the stereotype and carve a path for incredible women to fulfil their true potential.

Thirdly, we will be raising vital funds for our two key charities; The Firefighters Charity and The Harlequins Foundation, who both do incredible work in the community and align superbly with our message.

The Firefighters Charity support firefighters and their families with both physical and mental recovery, and The Harlequins Foundation use the power of sport to encourage wellbeing and inclusion. In addition to our aims, we intend to undertake our training and expedition in a manner that minimises our impact on the environment, whilst highlighting the beauty of the frozen continent and bringing its need to be protected into the conversation.

Read their story and meet the angels here

Who AFA are helping

To make this incredible expedition happen, they need to raise £500,000 to support with training, equipment, nutrition, technology and specialist technical support.

Once the funds for the expedition have been reached, we will divide further funds raised between two key charities;

  • The Firefighters Charity
  • The Harlequins Foundation

Your help will enable us to make our vision a reality and assist people in emergency services that are living with trauma and injury. 

It is so important to us that we inspire the next generation; Ameesha is someone we’ve helped along the way:

Ameesha came to us for advice and support to help her through her application to the LFB…

“I’m so grateful to the Antarctic Fire Angels for helping me through the recruitment process with some great advice. They kindly invited me to meet them as they were doing a photoshoot, which of course I had to go to! The whole team were so lovely and super supportive! I started my training for the LFB in February 2021 and I was really excited, especially knowing I had the support of these awesome ladies. I can’t thank them enough for everything!”

The Latest AFA training in Norway

The angels have recently been in training in Norway undertaking a practical course to teach them valuable skills in polar survival, whilst practicing the vital elements that will be prominent in Antarctica, such as Nordic skiing & dragging their supply pulks.


How UK Fight Club Harnessed the Power of the DSET Network

How UK Fight Club Harnessed the Power of the DSET Network

Wargaming Experimentation 

Fight Club International believes that wargaming has vast potential benefits for defence through education, training, analysis and decision making which are not being fully exploited.

We (Fight Club community) do not have time to wait for established organisations, institutions and hierarchies to close the gap themselves. In many respects, we are behind industry with gaming developments and we must quickly adapt to integrate existing technology and methods into government use.

Think. Fight. Learn. Repeat.

“After running Fight Nights in my regiment, our leaders were able to competitively fight each other and learn much more from repetitive gaming against a free-thinking enemy. There were considerable knowledge gaps identified and we learned much faster through this experience than traditional methods. It was truly revolutionary.” —Infantry Captain in the Mercians

How DSET aided UK Fight Club’s Exponential Growth

DSET is a vital event every year that brings a diverse group together to examine the latest in defence simulation technology and techniques. This year we look forward to showcasing our Fight Club methods and gaming techniques. We also look forward to learning from everyone else to inform future Fight Club activity.

It is a privilege to work closely with DSET because of the collision of networks, sparking more collaborative innovations and future cooperation. It is the power of the network that truly advanced the Fight Club mission across multiple countries. This power is magnified at events like DSET


Find out more or join UK Fight Club here 

Blesma – DSET Partner

Blesma – DSET Partner

About Blesma – The Limbless Veterans Charity 

Blesma has been invited to DSET as part of our wider commitment to providing value and continued support to the military and veteran community. The charity does important work with veterans. Here is more about what they do.

Blesma, the Limbless Veterans aims to ensure that all serving or ex-service men and women who have lost sight, limbs or the use of limbs can lead independent and fulfilling lives.   The early formations of Blesma began in 1918 and Blesma became a national charity in 1932.

Following World War I, 40,000 British Service men came back from the Western Front having suffered life-changing injuries. In a time in which employers would often discriminate against the disabled, and when there was no support from the state, limbless veterans came together as local groups to share knowledge, support each other, and lobby the Government for better opportunities for the war injured.

Medical practices and opportunities for those who are disabled have come a long way since the early days. However, there is still a great need to support those who experience daily, the physical and mental impact of life-changing injury.    

Just as we are still caring for our surviving World War II veterans, Blesma has adapted to the times, including looking after, and looking out for, a new generation of amputees from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, who will need our specialised support as they face the long journey ahead. 

“Blesma was there for me right from the start, a Member came to see me in hospital and said: ‘Don’t worry – I’m one of you!’ and lifted his trousers to show me his two missing legs. The great thing with Blesma is that they know exactly what to do. Early in my recovery, they took me skiing and rafting in Colorado, which opened my eyes to a whole new world.” – Lionel 

“[After my injury] I was soon contacted by Blesma, who asked if they could do anything for me. From then on I felt a real feeling of reassurance, it was not only the reassurance that someone would be there to aid with benefits and welfare etc., but also a real sense of Camaraderie because all of us were in the situation. ” – Roy Haywood

Blesma on joining the DSET 2022 community

Attending DSET is a great opportunity for us to be in the same arena as businesses who have a strong link to the Armed Forces and may not know about Blesma. Being at the conference gives us the chance to raise our profile with the businesses who are attending the conference, we are always looking at increasing our profile to businesses and attending DSET gives us this opportunity.  

Find our more about Blesma’s work here