Meet DSET 2022 Official Tech Sponsor Bohemia Interactive Simulations

Meet DSET 2022 Official Tech Sponsor Bohemia Interactive Simulations

Bohemia Interactive Simulations

Why Bohemia Interactive Simulations chooses to support DSET

We, at Bohemia Interactive Simulations  (BISim), have exhibited and sponsored the Defence, Simulation, Education and Training (DSET) conference and community since its inception. We have always had the highest quality of engagement and it’s an easy decision to repeat that experience and support every year. We are put in front of the very community that we serve. We find that at DSET, Military users, government procurement, industry partners and academic researchers all have the same ethos of answering current and future challenges, sharing experiences, knowledge and expertise. 

DSET is much more than a business conference, it’s where we go to have longer and deeper conversations with our key stakeholders.

With a hybrid delivery, DSET aligns exactly with our own ethos of EASIER. FASTER. GLOBAL. Our mission is to harness the explosive potential of technology to revolutionize training and simulation, around the world.

VRLT2 - Bohemia

BISim’s product portfolio enables users to create, simulate and visualize realistic multi-domain, battlespace training scenarios to help enhance warfighter readiness. From desktop simulation and image generation to terrain development and editing to cutting-edge AI and XR, we offer a comprehensive portfolio for your simulation and training needs. See the full range of products here

VRLT2 - Bohemia
VRLT2 - Bohemia

About BISim

Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) uses advanced technology and a large, experienced in-house team of engineers to develop high-fidelity, cost-effective training and simulation software products and components for defense applications.

BISim not only delivers a wide range of products, but also provides valuable training and support through the Customer Portal, where you can get access to:

  • Live Webinars
  • Training courses
  • Product/User guides & manuals 
  • Professional services

We are excited to be at the DSET this year and would be delighted to discuss opportunities of enhancing warfighter readiness for your organization. See you there!

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How UK Fight Club Harnessed the Power of the DSET Network

How UK Fight Club Harnessed the Power of the DSET Network

Wargaming Experimentation 

Fight Club International believes that wargaming has vast potential benefits for defence through education, training, analysis and decision making which are not being fully exploited.

We (Fight Club community) do not have time to wait for established organisations, institutions and hierarchies to close the gap themselves. In many respects, we are behind industry with gaming developments and we must quickly adapt to integrate existing technology and methods into government use.

Think. Fight. Learn. Repeat.

“After running Fight Nights in my regiment, our leaders were able to competitively fight each other and learn much more from repetitive gaming against a free-thinking enemy. There were considerable knowledge gaps identified and we learned much faster through this experience than traditional methods. It was truly revolutionary.” —Infantry Captain in the Mercians

How DSET aided UK Fight Club’s Exponential Growth

DSET is a vital event every year that brings a diverse group together to examine the latest in defence simulation technology and techniques. This year we look forward to showcasing our Fight Club methods and gaming techniques. We also look forward to learning from everyone else to inform future Fight Club activity.

It is a privilege to work closely with DSET because of the collision of networks, sparking more collaborative innovations and future cooperation. It is the power of the network that truly advanced the Fight Club mission across multiple countries. This power is magnified at events like DSET


Find out more or join UK Fight Club here